Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS Services In the digital ecosystem, where communication paves the way for vital communication between the product company and the potential audience Bulk SMS becomes the integral medium to connect to the audience almost seamlessly.

In fact, Bulk SMS has found its new horizon in connecting the audience with the latest product and service update to the audience; it goes without mentioning Bulk SMS Technology has become so rampant that it has penetrated almost 80-90% of consumer market for both B2B and B2C segments.

Connect with your audience and enhance your business through Radix Services It goes without mentioning that, businesses today requires regular communication with customers in regards to the latest product updates and the only way to connect regularly is through bulk text messages which touch millions of handsets quite effectively.

Radix Services have nurtured a team of professionals who are engaged in providing the bulk SMS services in Hyderabad which are both promotional and informational too.

The WhatsApp marketing service with a difference Whats App has become a trend sent in the digital world and has equally superseded the traditional SMS system, as more and more handset are becoming internet prone, WhatsApp has become the integral component towards reaching out the audience instantly. Radix Services have evolved in the competitive marketplace, with the integration of images, audio and the promotional WhatsApp Video which reaches the intended audience much quickly and paving the way for more sales transactions

Our Philosophy The most ardent philosophy that we possess at our end when it comes to Bulk SMS Service is that, every SMS both promotional and informational ones, enables to maintain good relationships with the customers and stakeholders as it is a recurring process.